5 convincing points which justifies – “Indian food is much more than taste”

India is one of the countries which is known for cherishing the association of the plethora of cuisines. According to the chefs of the Indian restaurant in Seattle, “In India, to cook food is considered as one of the holiest tasks. According to the Indian outlook, the food which we are cooking contains the same energies with which we have cooked them.” This is the main reason that the chefs who love to experiment with Indian food are sure to add one supreme ingredient in the dishes and that is LOVE. In our today’s blog post we intend to justify the following words, with the extract of the interview of the Masterchef who is practising in the world-famous, Indian restaurant in Kirkland.

Indian Food Is Much More Than Taste And Ingredients’

Thali Style of Eating

Thalli is a traditional Indian plate that has so many compartments for the food to put in it. In India, everything which contains a whole lot of flavours is known as Thali.

When it is about Thali, then we are talking about the inclusion of all the flavours like sweet, sour and spicy. Based on the regions, there are so many kinds of the thalis like the subsequent:

  • Rajasthani Thali

  • Punjabi Thali

Eating With Hands

We may find so many countries, particularly the ones which are neighbouring India, which prefer to have food with the help of the hands. But, the outlooks of each country will be different. Indians usually avoid eating with the cutlery. According to the ancient Indian scriptures and the Gurus, when we are eating food with our hands, then the positive and health triggering energies which are present at the tips of the fingers are the ones which you get to attain along with the food.

Prasadam – The Offerings to God

Before having any kind of food, Indian culture convinces them to share the food with God. So no matter which kinds of food item you are relishing (except for non-veg food and egg-containing items), you are supposed to leave some portion to be offered to God.

Before a new venture – A spoonful of curd and the sugar

When you are on your mission to nail something, it could be anything like the following:

  • You are going to start a new business

  • It’s your first day at the college

  • You are going on an important job interview

  • You are going to buy something new and expensive like a car, motorbike

  • It’s your first day at the new office

  • You are going to give an exam

Tea Slurping

70% of the Indian population is fond of having tea. So as we know tea is served when it is hot, also it can be best enjoyed when it is hot. Slurping while enjoying tea is the favourite activity that people like to do while enjoying tea.

Final Comments!

No doubt, some of the traditional values and ethics have nothing to do with logic but still they are something that meant a lot to the Indian ancestors. So in respect of their devotion to such things, the future generations are also continuing such practices.

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