What are the 5 top steps to serve food in the setting of a fine dining restaurant?

We all want to have something different and fine in every perspective. Well! This also depends on what your personal preferences are and what you are looking for. Especially when it comes to going to a restaurant, our hopes are very high and we want to have a memorable experience. There is no doubt that the Indian restaurant in Seattle gets the number one ranking because of the hospitality they provide. In addition, the Indian restaurant in Kirkland follows various guidelines and norms to provide the customers with the best experience. It’s all in the mannerism and the way you treat the customers, which actually can make or break our presence in the market. For that fine dining restaurant, here are the 5 steps which we follow to give the customers the best experience.

Flatware setting

One of the most standout but most common issues is the use of flatware which is blades and forks which are put on the table. On the right table setting, you will see the fork progression is on the left side on the plate and blades & spoons are put on the right side. The cutlery should be present at the right distance from the plate. In case, someone in the team is not trained then it becomes our duty to let them know about the same so that we leave the best impression on the customers.

Pairing food and liquor in the right manner

When it comes to pairing two items together then it should be done correctly, otherwise, it will be a disaster. Like we all love the combo of coke and fries. It is like having a happy hour with good food. If you like to have the combos then you should try out the different food items from our menu and take help from the staff. They are aware of the unique ideas on which food items will complement each other.

Properly setting up the table

For a fine dine-in restaurant experience there is a lot of effort which is put behind the scenes. From taking the order to making sure it reaches the table the right kind of setting is needed. There is a need to make sure there is clean crockery and collapsing napkins so that everything is outlined correctly. Everything should be crisp and clean.

Serving the Table

With the classy meal, you will have around 5 courses. Now when the food needs to be served to the customers the server’s arm should not come in front of the visitor and serving should only be done from the left side. In addition, the serving portion should not be too much or too little.

Cleaning the table

Well! It is important to be careful even after the customer has finished the meal. To make sure that the customers are delighted with your service you need to consider this thing also. So, once the customer is done eating his/her food all the cutlery and leftover food should be taken carefully. But, make sure to first ask the customer if they are done with the food or not.

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