Are you craving traditional Indian food? Try out these amazing dishes

Do you want to try out something lip-smacking but it should be traditional? Is it even possible? With Indian cuisine, everything is possible. There is no doubt, to have soul-satisfying food, you can visit the best Indian restaurant in Seattle. Cafe Bahar is one of the names which has gained attention among the natives in Kirkland. Our Indian restaurant in Kirkland is known for satisfying the taste buds of the Indians who are missing Indian food in a foreign land.

Now! Let’s talk about the food items which are genuine saviors in their way and they are healthy.

Traditional and healthy Indian food

  • Panchkuta

The term panch means 5 which means Panchkuta contains 5 main ingredients which are ker, Gunda, snagri, kumat, and dried red chilies. It is also known by the name of Panchmel sabzi. It is one of the famous delicacies from Rajasthan. People like to have this sabzi with fresh pooris.

  • Bisi bele bath

Bisi Bele Bath has its origin in Karnataka but there are different origin stories linked to it. According to one of the stories it was invented in the Mysore Palace. If we talk about the recent time, then the Bisi bele bath was not the inspiration from the Kattogara. It is made with split pigeon peas (toor dal), fresh vegetables, and rice. It is one of those options which you can have any time you like. The best part is that it contains vegetables, so it is healthy.

  • Paniyaram

Paniyaram can be called with any name you want like Paddy, Gunta Ponganalu, Appadadde, or Paniyaram. It is crispy and like dumplings in a ball shape. South Indians prefer to have this for breakfast. You can have it with tomato chutney or coconut chutney.

  • Pulao

Like pulao lovers are everywhere, its origin is different at different places & here we are not only talking about India but it includes Latin America, Europe, and Central Asia. It is one of the oldest dishes present in the entire world. The best part is that you can try out the different variations and all of them are perfect in taste and even their popularity is not going to go down anytime soon.

  • Khichdi

Like pulao, Khichdi has got its origin from different states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. Even khichdi has different variations. Some like to have it just the rice-based version and some prefer to have it with vegetables. It is extremely light on the digestive system. It would be better for your overall health to include this food option in your diet chart.

Indian food has a number of options

So, it is clear that Indian cuisine is a mixture of traditional and modern food. Like, Indians do not forget their roots and traditions no matter where they go, in the same manner, Indian chefs at Cafe Bahar make every possible effort to serve the customers with tasty Indian meals. What are you waiting for? Give yourself a try and you will also fall for this amazing cuisine.

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