What are the best fusion Indian dessert trends changing the food industry?

What is that one food which you desire the most? Answer: It can be anything from sour to sweets. But, after having a fulfilling meal we all crave to have something in the form of sweets. The roots of the Indian cuisine go back to the Indian mythology like Lord Krishna loved Makhan-mishri, Lord Ganesha’s favorite Modak, and to celebrate different festivals the offering of halwa and boondi ladoos is still what followed in the present time. This is the reason people enjoy every bite of their food and dessert when they visit the Indian restaurant in Seattle.

Indian desserts have a whole lot of variety

From smooth to silky blends of milk and different varieties like khoya, chenna, and cream sweetened with honey and jaggery. Indeed, the great Indian mithais have evolved a lot with time and tradition. Moreover, the Indian chefs of the best Indian restaurant in Kirkland are putting a lot of effort into coming up with the best food options and they are even experimenting with the flavors to offer the best food.

Kulfis are a delight and available in different options

One of the classics is creamy kulfi which is known for its bold flavors like Kesar, Chikko, pomegranate, and much more. In addition, the paan kulfi is another option that steals the show and it has made a top spot. If you want something different from the usual then this option is a must-try.

Fruity is the best flavor

Indeed hopping on the trends is the best choice like from the flavored kulfis then to the cooran kulfi and guava then the lassi kulfi & Kaju katli kulfi is the best choice. Mouth-watering…Isn’t it???

Indian chefs are known for their creativity and coming with those options which are worth every bite. From layering the dessert with pineapple, strawberry, apple jalebi, and much more, these desserts have a starry appearance which grabs the foodie’s attention like anything. The perfect amount of syrup in the dishes is worth every bite!

Small Portions are gaining attention

Hearing the names like mini ras malai, malpuas, and mini Gulab can make you go mmm…The trend of miniatures is like having a delight of the bite which takes you to the food heaven.

One of the latest trends is the mithai jars which can be filled with any sort of dessert or can be combined with cake. Indeed, all your sweets cravings are going to be fulfilled with this option.

Trying out something new every time!

The Indian sweets menu is exceptionally vast which means you can try out a whole lot of options. Every time you visit an Indian restaurant you are going to have something different. If you would like to take your taste buds and have the best food to delight your taste buds in a way you wouldn’t have even imagined then visit Cafe Bahar. Get the pleasure to enjoy the Indian food in a way you won’t even imagine.

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