Which are the best Indian meals you should order in the winter season?

Order Indian food from the best restaurant in winters

Do you love winters? For me winter is about celebrating Christmas, having time with family & friends, bonfires, and hot chocolate. Is there anything else that can top that? Think! Wait, let me tell you. Indian food and chilling temperature. The food taste, spices, ingredients, and everything is just best about the Indian meal.

Take my advice, and during wintertime, you should order food from the best Indian restaurant in Seattle. But, How to go outside in the snowy conditions? Well! You can benefit from the order and delivery system. If you are on the lookout for the best Indian food options to order from the Indian restaurant in Kirkland then here are some options which you can try out.

Tasty and best Indian meal to order in winters

  • Everyone’s favorite: Chicken tikka masala

One of the most popular food options has made its mark not only in India but even around the globe. The gourmets who are looking for something appetizing, then definitely consider this option. It has a thick sauce base and chicken pieces are marinated in yogurt, garlic, spices, herbs, and ginger. Do you know, what’s even better, the earthy flavor which comes due to the clay oven? You can have it with Saffron basmati or Indian bread of your choice.

  • Spicy and tasty: Vindaloo

If you like spicy food or want to try out something spicy for the first time, then Vindaloo is the best choice to go for. This Indian delicacy comes from the Portuguese and it is even loved by the Britishers. This Indian dish is known for its spicy and tangy taste & the best part is…MEAT. The meat can be anything like fish, chicken, shrimp, or land. Although, potatoes are added which balance the spice level.

  • Specialty meal: Lamb Jalfrezi

One of the other great options to try out is lamb jalfrezi. As the name suggests, it contains stir-fried lamb pieces, and then you can have it with medium and thick spicy-based sauce. There are many other vegetables added to it. If you want you can try the chicken version.

  • Indian’s Love: Tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken is like the KING of the Indian food menu. If you choose to order this, trust me you won’t be able to resist having more of it. The blend of spices, ginger, garlic, yogurt, and herbs, simply makes it mouth-watering. The chicken is served over the onions and for extra taste mint-cilantro chutney is served. One of the best options you should try out to keep yourself cozy in winter.

  • Perfect taste: Shrimp curry

Indian curries are delish! From a medium or thick base, you can try out every possible version of curry. The shrimp curry contains the perfect blend of spices like tomato, ginger, onion, garlic, and much more. Instead of shrimp, you can have lamb, fish, chicken, or both of them.

Indian dishes are wonderful

So, next time if you plan to order something do give it a try to the Indian food menu. At the comfort of your home, you will be able to enjoy the food with your loved ones.


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