Everything about the origin of modern Indian cuisine and its global demand

Well! Here we are talking about Indian cuisine which dates back to 5000 years ago. It has been such a long time that this cuisine has existed. Now it has reached the point that it is ruling the world and the best Indian restaurant in Kirkland are preferred by the customers. The Indian cuisine is an array of native regional sub-cuisine which tells a lot about a particular region or you can say depending on the geographic location it is also different. Cafe Bahar, is one of the best Indian restaurant in Seattle which have rapidly gained demand among foreigners to indulge in the taste of Indian food.

The 8th to 18th centuries saw the rise of Indian food demand

Within a period, the major dynasties like the Chola Empire, the Hoysala and Vijayanagara Empires, Kakatiya Kingdom and the Reddy Kingdom in the South and the Ahom Kingdom in the East and the Sikh, Rajput, and Mughal Empires in the North are some of the few names which started to introduce their local dishes and amazing spices. Like tea, saffron, and much more are some of the known dishes which emerged from North India. As the popularity started to increase people were inclined towards this type of meal preparation.

The last 80 years have seen an innumerable growth of Indian restaurants

Indian cuisine does have a different kind of love and existence that is now spread to many different parts of the world. From the dhabas, cafes, to restaurants, everything and anything which depicts the Indian culture and where Indian food is served is getting the attention of the people.

Foreigners love to eat Chicken curry, Chicken Tikka Masala as it contains different spices and herbs. Indeed, Indian food has created a buzz among the people as they cannot resist having these dishes. You can say that they love to order Indian food now and then.

Indian chefs have become a global sensation

In India chefs are known by the name of ‘Royal Khansama’. What makes them different from others is that they don’t prefer to share their secret recipes with anyone. You can say that they prefer to share it down with their family members or someone who will run their business.

Every regional cuisine is distinctive and it has something different which represents their state. Like in South India, people prefer to cook their food with coconut oil, eat coconut, rice, dosa, and sambar. On the other hand, when you talk about North Indian it is all about the spices, herbs, and different flavors but everything is in balance with each other.

Indian food has been modernized

Here, you can say that creating a fusion by combining 2 things, but no one should overlap the flavor of one another. The modern approach in Indian cooking means making the food with modern methods but preserving its roots.

Moreover, uncommon vegetables like pumpkin (kaddu), bitter gourd (karela), ridged gourd (turai), and many other ingredients have caught the eye of food lovers as they are prepared with modern techniques. With the acceptance of Indian food all over the globe, it is expected that it will remain the wide-sensation for a long time.

Visit Cafe Bahar and try yourself why Indian cuisine is so popular and delight to the taste buds.

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