Which are the famous Indian sweet dishes? How are these prepared?

Indians always end their food on a sweet note!

As per the chefs of Cafe Bahar, the famous Indian restaurant in Seattle, “None Indian meal is considered complete if it does not incorporate the sweet dishes at the end.” There are so many Indian sweet dishes and desserts, which are giantly toothsome that the people can’t resist themselves taking consecutive bites over and over again. People usually visit the Indian restaurants in Kirkland when they crave for a sweet dish. Following are the sweet delights which people love to taste everyday after the meals:

Gulab jamun

The deep-fried, khoya balls dipped in the sugar syrups, melts in the mouth and you do not know about when these get slipped from mouth to your tummy on their own. To bring out the royal taste, the rose water and the saffron are put along. If you ask about the sweet dishes to any of the Indian folks, then they are sure to mention gulab jamuns in the first place.


Kheer is a kinda white dessert. Made with simple ingredients ( milk and rice), but tastes as if it is brought from heaven. The secret ingredient of taste in kheer is always and always LOVE. The eventual stage in which the kheer is garnished with the Cardamon, saffron and dry fruits makes it so presentable that you would not wait for the family to come and dine in with you.

Gajar ka Halwa

In India, Gajar ka halwa is usually made in huge amounts during the winter season. The carrots are grated and then cooked with milk and khoya until the nicest aroma hits your nose and makes you feel mesmerized. The Indian festivals are not complete if Gajar ka halwa is not distributed among the relatives and to the close ones.


It is made with the chenna and it is spherical. These dumplings are boiled in the water to become fluffed up and afterwards put in the sugar syrup for a nice sugary and sweet taste. This is the special delight of West Bengal and Odisha.


The Dussehra (famous Indian festival) is incomplete if jalebis are not tasted. These are round in shape, made with the flour, deep-fried and then put in the sugar syrup. There are so many versions of jalebi. Some like to fry it in the desi ghee while others consider refined oil. As per your choices and health goals, you can choose the preferable version for ordering.

Ras Malai

The taste of this awesome sweet dish is hidden in its name. Ras which means juice and malai which is the Hindi word for cream are tasted altogether to give your mouth a bombardment of flavours. Afterwards, it is sought to be dipped in the sweetened milk which is usually thick.

Bottom Line

There are so many other sweet dishes like son Papdi, Ghevar, Malpua, besan ka halwa, suji ka halwa and many more, which are associated with the Indian culture. If you want to know about them as well, please let us know.

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