What are the main differences between Indian and South Indian cuisine?

What is Indian Cuisine?
Indian food is one of the most loved and tasty meals which is preferred all across the globe. The foreigners get fascinated with the Indian culture and how delicious the Indian cuisine is. The different flavors, use of spices, and traditional cooking methods make every dish whole, fulfilling, and healthy. This is one of the reasons, the demand for an Indian restaurant in Seattle has increased a lot. The typical food options you will have are naan, samosa, chaat, aloo gobi, and many non-vegetarian meals also.
Although, the North Indian food differs from the South Indian food.

What is South Indian Cuisine?
South Indian Cuisine is made from rice, fruits, coconut, and spices. Some of the most used spices are cardamom, nutmeg, clover, and cinnamon. South Indian food is made from fresh vegetables and fruits, which is due to the heavy rainfall. In addition, you will find most of the dishes as vegetarian options, which is one of the major differences b/w North Indian and South Indian Cuisine.

Breakdown of the major differences.
Naan Vs Rice & Beans
No matter which region you talk about, sides are a vital part of the food. In North India, people love to indulge in a naan with any of the dishes be it stews or curries. It is made in a tandoor at a high temperature which makes it soft as well as crispy.
In South Indian food, the most loved side dishes are lentils or rice. Some of the most preferred options are raita, daal, or biryani.

Chicken & Lamb Vs Vegetarian food
In North Indian meals, chicken & lamb dishes are very common which are made in kebabs and curries. Whereas for the South Indian meal, vegetables, beans, and rice are an important part. You can say that it is a vegetarian-based cuisine.

Ghee/Butter Vs Indian Coconut Milk
If you have ever come across a Punjabi from North India, then you will know how much they love to have ghee in their meal. North Indian meal is cooked in butter. When the ghee is cooked for a long time it turns out to be brown and makes the taste of the dish perfect. Whereas, in South, India coconuts are the most loved food. This is the reason they prefer to use coconut milk to make curries and kormas.

Tea Vs Chicory Coffee
If you want to have something warm to drink, then North Indian masala chai is a delight to your taste buds. People love to have a cup of chai in the morning, afternoon, or evening.
On the other hand, South Indian people prefer to have chicory coffee which is a hot drink made from ground chicory root which is roasted.

Come and Dine With Us!
No matter what you try, Indian food as a whole is tasty and toothsome. If you have not tried Indian cuisine, then make sure to try it once and it is going to be one of your favorite cuisines. We are here to provide you an unforgettable and tasty experience, for every meal you order at Cafe Bahar.

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