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Indian heritage is ‘Is as right as rain’ (Perfect). When we talk about the culture, roots, history, food, and many other things – India always comes to my mind. Well! Our focus is on making you familiar with Indian food. The head team member of the best Indian restaurant in Seattle has generously taken the time and talked about Indian cooking and dishes. If you haven’t visited the best Indian restaurant in Kirkland, then after reading this blog you are going to fall in love with the Indian food and go yourself to try out the Indian meal.

How is Indian food different from others?

Our team likes to stick to their roots and that is what we try to depict through our food. No doubt, the traditional cooking methods in India are still in use. We try to do the same but giving a modern touch to the same. Every dish served at Cafe Bahar has local ingredients which make the dish taste fresh and mouth-watering. How you can forget the most important ingredient…Do you know what it is? LOVE. We make sure our clients feel that happiness and love when they have a meal at our restaurant.

How south Indian and north Indian meals are different from each other?

Well! Both of them are best in terms of taste. The difference lies in the cooking method and how it is served. When we talk about North Indian food it contains several spices and herbs. On the other hand, South Indian meal is more about the rice and lentil stews along with coconut, curry leaves, and black mustard. In the end, it is all about your preference and liking what you want to have or what satiate your taste buds.

Which are the places from where you prefer to get the food?

We prefer to buy the food from the best local market as there we get the freshly produced food. Our focus is always on fresh and quality dishes. This is the trademark of Indian food and that is what makes the food taste different in a way that no other cuisine can. It is always about making sure that the Indian food will taste the best every time we prepare any meal for our customers.

How do you always make sure the quality of food is top-notch?

As we have already mentioned above, the quality of the food is the first thing which we focus upon. In addition, we follow the strict criteria be it preparation or serving the meal. Compromising in the quality means we are disrespecting the food we serve and we cannot do that.

Taste the best to notice the difference

In the end, it all comes down to going to the place on your own and tasting the food to understand how it is different & tasty. We whole-heartedly welcome you to Cafe Bahar to have the best time of your life and make memories with your loved ones over the food.

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