Food Lover: Which are the places to enjoy tasty food and drinks in Seattle?

Are you planning for your next trip to Seattle? There is no doubt that when we are traveling to a new place, we look for different places and good food. This is what makes our trip perfect. If you are in search of which places you need to visit in Seattle to enjoy food and drinks, then this blog will provide you with all that information.

Cafe Bahar

If you are coming from India and worried that ‘Can I enjoy Indian food in Seattle?’ Well, you can do that at Cafe Bahar. It is one of the perfect places to enjoy Indian cuisine, no matter what you want to eat, Cafe Bahar menu has everything. Even if you are not Indian, you should try Indian cuisine and you are going to crave it more & more. From starters to full-course meals you can order what you like to benefit your taste buds. Everything is made with authentic and traditional methods of Indian cooking.

From North to South, East to West, you will get to taste all the flavors of India, in one place. What’s better than that? Moreover, you can have vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals in a comfortable sitting and safe environment, as all the necessary precautions are followed keeping in mind the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Bakery Nouveau

Currently, it is open for takeout only and if you are looking for a bakery shop, then this should be your first stop. From coffee to pastries, everything is just incredible in terms of presentation and taste. The double-baked almond croissants have powdered sugar along with silvered nuts. Order a latte from here and enjoy your breakfast to the fullest.

Porkchop & Co.

Porkchop & Co. is one of those places which serves the best breakfast and it is open for takeout only. You can order slow-poached eggs and enjoy that on your way when you go sightseeing.

Terra Plata

If you have started your day with a brew, then next you need to order the spinach mimosa brunch from Terra Plata. Before that, you can have the homemade lattice potato chips which have truffle salt and pecorino creme fraiche & it even has aloe vera. Currently, it is open for takeout and delivery only.

Barnard and Meyer

Open for takeout, delivery, and outdoor dining.

Want to enjoy the food at the stateside with outstanding places, then this place is a must on your list. If you want to be more specific than order brunch from here. This place has a tropical feel to it and is extremely aesthetic in terms of the vice. You can enjoy the food options like lime leaf sausage banh mi, fried bao eggs benedict, and braised beef pho potstickers. In the morning cup, you can enjoy the coffee popsicles and get started for the day.

Pike place

Looking for a vintage place, then this one of the best places out there. It opens for takeout, outdoor dining, and indoor dining. You can book your reservation for lunch. Order homemade potato chips with hot bacon dip. One of the food items is a fried catfish sandwich which has been on their menu for 20 years. If you have a sweet tooth, then you can order that from their menu.

Marination Ma Kai

Do you want something which provides you with a perfect Pacific Northwest view, then this place will make the best spot for you. Currently, it is open for takeout and delivery. From this, you can enjoy the waterfront skyline and order the Korean/Hawaiian/Mexican fusion street food. From kimchi to kalbi beef tacos, you can enjoy anything of your own choice. If you come in summer, then do give lychee margaritas, although it is opened in winters.

Un Bien

Un Bien is one of the favorite places of the local people. Here you can enjoy the Caribbean roast pork baguettes. It is open for delivery and takeout only. You can also order pork and aioli & grilled onions which are just perfect to make your whole meal enjoyed to the fullest.

Li’l Woody’s

If you are a burger lover, then this is where you need to visit on your trip. It is open for takeout and delivery only. The burger crust is just perfect and the local chef also provides the customers with something special & different. Apart from that you can order milkshakes from their menu of your own choice and enjoy it alongside the fries. If you want to enjoy your lunch with a perfect view then this should be on your list.

Market Grill

Have you ever tried chocolate-infused pasta? Then this is the place where you need to visit and enjoy this amazing dish. It is open for takeout only. They have amazing variations of sandwiches.

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