Spinach can be tasty – Know 6 styles to cook it healthily and tastily

When some healthy, tasty, light but tummy-filling Indian dish is to be cooked, then it is the spinach only that comes to the mind of each individual. According to the Indian restaurant in Seattle, “It is the kind of the ingredients that is not only packed with the health-enhancing and the immunity boosting powers but it is considered heavily rich in the aromatic and the taste-pleasing flavour.”

This could be considered as the probable reason why people order the spinach based dish whenever they go for family dine-in in some of the Indian restaurants in Kirkland.

Palak Paneer – Cottage Cheese + Spinach Gravy

It is one of the best known North-Indian dishes, not because it is super-tasty. But because it is the simplest recipe to cook. The cottage cheese is first to let to get cooked in the gravy made with the following at the simmered heat:

  • Onion
  • Tomato
  • Spinach

Palak Paratha – Flatbread Prepared With Spinach Puree

These kinds of parathas are famous for every Indian kid. It is made by kneading the spinach puree in the whole wheat flour. These parathas can be enjoyed with the following;

  • Dal fry
  • Pickle
  • Chutney

Palak Panner Rolls – Cottage Cheese Wrapped In Spinach Flatbreads

If you are a cheese lover, then you are going to love this item, since the cottage cheese is wrapped in spinach flatbreads. It’s completely your choice on how you want to eat it. You can have it plain or you can serve it with the following:

  • Pickle
  • Chutney

Palak Omelette – Omelette + Spinach

Are you an eggetarian? Then this dish is surely going to be for you. This is super easy to prepare. There is only one addition to the step and that is you have to incorporate the spinach in the omelette mix and then pr it to the non-stick pan. Make sure not to serve it until you find that both sides have become nicely crispy.


Palak Pakoda – Fried Spinach Fritters

Each one of us does not like the tea when there is nothing served with it. We wish that there has to be some evening snack that must be tummy-filling, tasty and easy to make. What could it be? Yes, you thought it right. It is Palak Pakoda. The besan or gram flour is mixed with various kinds of seasonings and chopped spinach. The bits are then fried which results in the outer crispy and internal soft fritters.

Hara Bhara Kebab – Spinach Patties

This is another kind of evening snack. When you are craving burgers but can not eat them since the patty is made with potatoes, then you should go for this option as the patty. In this, the mashed spinach is mixed with the vegetables and is then pan-fried. To maintain the health content, you can avoid frying and can just bake it.

Final Comments!

Which among the above-mentioned spinach recipes is your personal favourite. Please let us know. We are excitedly waiting for your reviews.

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