The Most Delectable and Tasty Ice Cream You Will Ever Have!

When it comes to serving tasty and Indian meals, every Indian restaurant tries its best to keep the ethnic touch and flavor alive! The entire meal becomes even better when you can find the best Indian restaurant in your area. No matter what, the entire meal is incomplete without dessert. The Indian dessert has a different kind of love among the foodies! Do you know Kulfi is the talk of the town when people look for a delectable dessert?

Best Indian Dessert

Kulfi is the most popular ice cream in India and globally. It is Indian-style traditional ice cream and extremely different from any other ice cream. This ice cream style is not made through whipping. On top of it, chopped pistachios are added for that extra crunch.

Moreover, it is considered as one of the healthier dessert options because of its unique style. Kulfi is typically frozen in cone-shaped kulfi molds. Traditionally, it is served in matka or earthen cups. Either you can get the pre-made molds from any grocery or convenience store and make them at home. No doubt, its taste, and flavor have made it an internationally beloved treat!

Interesting facts about Kulfi

  • Kulfi is originated from South Asia which is made through boiled-down milk with added sugar or corn syrup. There is no need to churn it and it is extremely creamy.
  • Kulfi was first made in the 16th century as Mughal emperors would feast on the dessert.
  • There are different variations of Kulfi but the classic ones are mango puree, ground pistachios, delicately perfumed vanilla, rose, saffron, or cardamom.

Well! You should try it at least once, even if you have not heard of it. Cafe bahar serves you with the most delectable and tasty kulfi which I have ever even tried before. ,

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