What does a meat cut mean? What are the different types you need to try?

Have you ever tried the Indian-style non-vegetarian meal? Just try it out and it will be added to your list of favorites. Cafe Bahar is one of the well-known Indian restaurant in Seattle serving the customers with the most delectable non-veg meal to delight their taste buds. In this blog, we will make you familiar with the different cuts of meat you can try out at the Indian restaurant in Kirkland.

What does a meat cut mean?

A cut of meat means the portion of the entire animal is broken or cut so that it becomes easy to make. Although, the experienced ones are aware of how to break down the animal or bird into the usual cuts.

Well! This is true that having the cut of meat is going to save energy and time. When you visit an Indian restaurant and order a non-veg meal, what makes it tasty and best? It is because of the meat cut. This way you will have the right type of bone ratio and it will make the meal satisfying.

What are the different types of cuts of meat?

  • Bone-in cuts

No one likes to have bone while having meat but when it is being cooked it will give the best taste. By doing so, it will ensure that the meat does not dry out and it is going to keep the moisture inside. In case the meat is required to be cooked for a longer duration then it is the best choice.

What are the best food options to make with bone-in cuts?

  • Chicken Curry

  • Lamb

  • Fish

Even for dum biryani, it is the best choice. Just try it out once and you are going to love it!

  • Boneless Cuts

Boneless cuts are best for the dishes you want to make very quickly. For the weeknights or to have impromptu parties, the boneless meaty dish will be a perfect choice. Moreover, these are cooked within less time and you can eat them easily.

Quick Tip

While chefs make boneless cut meat they make sure that it is made only for a specific time, otherwise it will dry out.

What are the best food options to make with boneless cuts?

Be it steaming, pan-frying, and grilling the fillets of fish, and chicken breast are perfect. Chicken mince is another great option that you can give a try.

  • Unique Cuts

If you want to go all out and have something different with distinctive taste then you can go with shanks, liver, and kidney. Before making it, it is made sure that it is perfectly cleaned. You can try out the chicken soup bones which are known as the type of broth. The addition of stews and curries to the diet will also make a healthy meal for you.

Let us take you through the food heaven

With that said! Cafe Bahar is offering several food options which are worth every try. Give us the pleasure of serving you and helping you celebrate the occasion with good food. You can order online or pick up the meal on your own.

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