What makes Indian cuisine special and how many types of Indian dishes are there?

When it comes to food we all want something delicious, fresh, and mouth-watering. Wouldn’t it be better if we get something authentic and rich in taste? Well! Here we are talking about the food which people are going crazy about at the Indian restaurant in Seattle. At Cafe Bahar, we serve a number of Indian dishes as the demand for this cuisine is rapidly increasing. But, what makes food served at the Indian restaurant in Kirkland so tasty and unique? Let’s jump right on it.

Why Indian cuisine is special?
First of all, Indian dishes are not about curries. There is much more to this and you can have meat, fish, dal, vegetables, lentils, and much more. Moreover, there are several spices that you can have and this is what makes the taste exotic, delicious, and stand out in a way that no other cuisine can.

What makes Indian cuisine unique?
Indian cuisine aroma, fresh blend of spices, and rich ingredients make it different and best in every sense. This is the reason, Indian food is gaining the attention of foreigners or it would be right to say that all over the globe.
Moreover, Indian food is known for its number of health benefits and the way it is tasty & healthy. The fresh spices are added and you can taste that with every bite!

Each of the spices or ingredients which are added to the dishes have something different about them. Moreover, you cannot find them anywhere else and many of them are known for their Indian origin.

How many types of Indian cuisine are there?
You must be surprised by knowing this, every region has its delicacy and all of them are different from each other. From the ingredients to the way it is prepared makes them different. In addition, the cooking method varies which gives them a unique taste and look. If we have to be precise then, there are around 31 dishes in Indian cuisine.

One of the studies has shown that there are around 2000 Indian dishes that are bound to each other. Each of them has its cooking style but still, it is popular around the world!

What are the common ingredients of Indian cuisine?
To be specific there are 6 flavors and these are:
• Sweet
• Sour
• Bitter
• Salty
• Astringent
• Pungent
Moreover, you can get to taste each of them individually which means nothing will overlap one another. Each of them has its importance. Here is the list of common ingredients in Indian dishes:
cinnamon, coconut milk, chana masala, garlic, cumin seeds, ginger, cayenne, beans, chili peppers, bell peppers, garam masala, green cardamom, onions, coriander, mustard seeds, and turmeric.

Well! The list can go on and on, & even then you will want to have more Indian food. Do you want to try Indian food? Then come and visit us. Give us the honor to serve you with good food and make good memories with your loved ones.

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