Which are the healthiest and tasty Indian foods to add to your daily diet?

A healthy diet is beneficial for your entire body. But, sometimes people are not able to understand what exactly their diet should have. An Indian meal is one of those options which provides you different healthy food choices. Basically, with Indian food, your plate will be full of nutrients, proteins, and vitamins. Some of the best Indian food items which you need to include are:

  • Green vegetables

Without a doubt, green vegetables should be included in your daily diet. All the green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, beans, and many other vegetables provide you health benefits. With their addition to your diet, your body will have iron, Vitamin K, and many other essential nutrients which reduce the risk of diseases. So, to boost your energy, reduce cholesterol, and increase your vision, eat green vegetables.

  • Curd

Curd is referred to as dahi which is an important part of the Indian diet. It is filled with essential bacteria which is known for providing health benefits. It contains Vitamin B, calcium, and potassium. It contains calcium and boosts our immunity.

  • Spices

Spices are an important part of Indian cuisine and it is added in most of the Indian dishes to make it healthier & tasty. One of the best spices is Haldi which boosts immunity & keeps cholesterol level in control.

  • Pulses

Pulses are one of the best vegetarian food options which are filled with ample amounts of benefits. The pulses consumption helps our body to get Vitamin B, E, A, and C. Basically, it helps to reduce the chances of heart problems and the best source for the body to have protein.

Wrap up!

Apart from these options, you should include a handful of different dry fruits in your diet like cashew, almonds, or any other option. Make sure to eat seasonal fruit every day to boost your immunity and fruits keep you fulfilling. So, there are different options that can provide you with various health benefits.

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