Which Dining Etiquettes adds charm and taste to Indian food?

According to the chefs of the Indian restaurant in Seattle, the Indian food is not only famous because it is savoury, rather Indian dining etiquette is the predominant thing that keeps the foreigners gripped with the Indian food culture. This is the prominent reason an Indian restaurant in Kirkland has made the traditional seating arrangements in their place. It will help the foreigners to enjoy the Indian food at its best. The etiquette varies in India depending upon the regions. The few etiquettes which I admire the most are mentioned below:


As per the Indian culture, the guest is deemed as God. So whenever any guest approaches the house, then the host tends to serve them with full passion. The traditional belief behind this is that the Lord Ganesha gets happy and shower you with the choicest blessings if you make the guests happy.


Whosoever, steps in the threshold at the Indian houses never turns up to his home with a hungry or empty stomach.


Whenever a host invites you to his place for a casual, formal or even occasional dinner, lunch or breakfast, then make sure you are not arriving extract at the scheduled time. It seems rude. Rather you should try to be there after 20 to 25 minutes of the scheduled time.


Indians usually do not sit for meals without washing and drying their hands. This is considered the most important etiquette in Indian cuisine.


Nowadays we have seen that people use sanitisers before having a meal.t is the modern version of the hand wash etiquette. You can do it either. But washing your hands with soap and water sounds better where you are consuming food in the house.


Western cuisine is a quintessentially formal kind of cuisine as far as the serving is concerned. But you are free to eat and choose from a variety of the items placed when you are dining on the Indian food. You need not be formal when you are satisfying your hunger with Indian food.


I know, it sounds weird to eat with hands and not with cutlery but such is the beauty of Indian cuisine. NO SHOWOFF!. There is a fact behind this. According to the Indian culture, if you are consuming the food with your fingers and not with cutlery then the energies present in the five tips of the fingers get infused in the food.


One of the surprising etiquettes about Indian food is the sole use of the right hand. According to Indian culture, the use of the left hand is considered inauspicious and offensive to the food.


Indians are always of the view that sharing food is one of the predominant etiquettes of Indian food. If the person sitting next to you has run short of food either roti or sabzi, then the person sitting next to him should share his food with him.

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