Why Is Indian Food So Flavorful And Aromatic? Which Spices Are Used In It?

There are a lot of spices that are being used in Indian cuisine to make it have the best palate. As per the beginner chefs of the Indian restaurant in Seattle, “ These spices are the secret of that tang in the Indian food. Without these, Indian food will not be able to become the favourite of anyone. Who likes the dull and plain taste in the relishable dishes.” So in this blog post, we are going to facilitate our readers with the names of the spices and the reasons why these are being used in Indian cuisine, presented by the famous chefs of an Indian restaurant in Kirkland.

Moving on in our blog:

Cardamom and Cinnamon – The BAES

Whenever an Indian dish has to be made in its best form that includes all the luxurious flavours, then the incorporation of the cardamom and the cinnamon is done in the first place. Every Indian non-veg item includes the marvellous flavours of these two items. These do not only give the strongest flavours, but the aroma which it gives on getting cooked has the potential to mesmerize you.

The Seeds – Their Popping Infuses The Zest In The Dish

Every Indian dish is prepared by including the tadka in it. The tadka is prepared by heating the oil at the highest temperature and the first thing which gets added to it are the seeds. Depending upon the flavour choices and the taste preferences, people either choose to include all the three below given ingredients or choose the ones which they like:

  • Carom Seeds

  • Cumin Seeds

  • Mustard Seeds

Dried Ginger And Coriander Powder –

The Relief And Refreshing Causing Ingredients

Usually, the ginger garlic paste or the raw ginger goes in every vegetable or savoury dish. But still to enhance the health properties of the dish, the Indian chefs and the Indian people incorporate the traditional use of the dried ginger powder. By Adding the dried coriander powder, your dis obtains many of the refreshing characteristics.

The Cloves – Adds Luxurious Tang

The taste of the cloves is although bitter, but when the oil is heated then these are replaced in the oil so that it adds the aroma and flavour tint to the dish. Some chefs consider taking it out from the oil after these have released their flavours in the oil, because the long term addition may add a little bit of bitterness in the desi which may or may not be liked by the people.

The Red Chilli And The Turmeric Powder –

Essential Spices For Colour

You might have heard about the use of the Kashmiri Lal Mirch or Degi Mirch in the Indian dishes, as the nice spice coupled with the benefits of bringing about the nicest flavour in the food. None of us has been left unacquainted with the advantages of incorporating Haldi or turmeric powder in the food items.

Along with having various antiseptic properties, its addition in the food helps you to fight the microbial infections which may emerge because of the monsoons.

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