Why is North Indian cuisine getting huge popularity all over the world?

Do you miss ‘Ghar ka Khana’ (home-cooked food) or ‘Maa ke hath ka khana’ (food cooked by mom)?

We all know, there is nothing in the world that can beat the taste of the same. This is one of the reasons the demand for an Indian restaurant in Seattle has increased a lot. Cafe Bahar is one of the most preferred Indian restaurant in Kirkland which is serving people tasty Indian cuisine. Now, when we try to dig deep, people prefer North Indian cuisine. But ‘Why?’

North Indian cuisine is getting huge attention

If we talk about the North Indian meal then it contains subji, dal, and phulka. The best part is that it includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. Like you can have chicken, lamb, along with ginger, garlic, onion, and spices.

On-Demand – North Indian Meal

Tasty and nutritious North Indian food

You can have a stuffed number of options from the best Indian restaurant menu and some of them are:

  • Makki ki roti

  • Parathas

  • Saag

  • Kofte

  • Rogan Josh

  • Chole Bhature

  • Tandoori chicken

  • Pulao

  • Biryani

All these are extremely popular among Indians and even foreign people. In North Indian homes people like to make Indian dishes with homemade ghee, mustard oil, and sunflower oil. Like Indian moms like to drizzle a hand spoon of ghee on the top of the dal or vegetable.

Are you drooling? So Am I…

Do you know?

North Indian people prefer to have Indian bread over rice

North Indian cuisine with the traditional and new cooking method

There is no denying the fact we are seeing many new Indian food trends. But, the best part is that the Indian chefs prefer to make the dish with a combination of traditional and modern cooking methods. It is like seeing a revolution in the North Indian food industry. Be it Khan market in Delhi, Grand Punjab Restaurant in Chandigarh, Bharawan Da Dhaba in Amritsar, or Cafe Bahar in Seattle all of them are known for giving the best North Indian cuisine to their customers.

Food-driven society

When people plan to go out, they are inclined to those places which are different and best. Many of the Indian restaurants are coming up with the trend to provide tandoori food to the customers. There is no denying the fact that North Indian tandoori dishes are gaining attention in a way that no other dish has. Many people prefer light food but in a way, it delights their taste buds.

Do you know?

Around 70% of the customer base prefers North Indian Cuisine over Italian or another cuisine.

Make your time best with good food

I am feeling hungry, after talking so much about Indian food. Are you? Well! You don’t have to look any further. Cafe Bahar is your one-stop destination to get the tasty North Indian meal and with the perfect in-house dining area. Come with your family, friends, or alone. We will make sure that your time is best and whenever your taste buds crave Indian food, you will right away come to our place.

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